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2019 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Make sure you get your order in on time and we’ll take special care of your holiday gift and make sure we get it processed and right out the door. 

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Dakota Digital Clip

The Dakota Digital Mini-Clip - Fun, Functional Style!

Everyone loves our Dakota Mini Clips! So, of course it only makes sense for us to add a digital mini clip to the mix!

Digital – the wave of the future?

Over 40 years ago the first digital watch was introduced in retail for a hefty price of $2,100.00! By the 1970’s the price of digitals had dramatically dropped. Most ‘tech savvy’ folks feel that the digital watch has become obsolete, but, here at Dakota Watch Company, we’d like to believe that we’ve been pushing to bring back digital in a really big way! And the more we sell, the more we believe it! Enter our Dakota Digital Mini Clip! With two different colors available – (Black with silver bezel and spring clip, or silver with black bezel and spring clip), they aren’t as bright and colorful as our standard mini clips, but they still pack a punch when it comes to their own fun, futuristic look! And their size is perfect to fit on your belt or bag at 0.33x1.5x3.5 Inches.

Functionality, Style and so much more!

Our Dakota Digital Clips not only look amazing but they come with some pretty amazing features, too! First the obvious: Integrated compass, alloy case and sandblasted caribiner arm, but what you don’t see is just as amazing! The digi-clip comes complete with our moon-glow electro luminescent dial light, an alarm with chime, a countdown timer and stopwatch. It also has a dual time function! Pair all of this with 100 feet water resistance and you’ve got one great little clip watch!

Check out our Dakota Digital Clips today and get one while they last!


Want to see it in action?

Check it out, Here!


Dakota Calendar Chrono

The Dakota Calendar Chronograph - Stylish Durability!


Our Dakota Calendar Chronograph is one of our newest, sportiest chronographs on the market. Keeping time never looked so good with this watch!

Feature Forward Styling

Invented in 1814 for use in tracking astronomical objects, the chronograph has taken on many modern uses today. Though our Dakota Calendar Chronograph won't track your favorite planet, it will keep you in line with your day to day activities!

Our chronograph features trackable items down to the second so you won't miss a beat, plus it has a great calendar feature so you won't miss the day either!

The Dakota Calendar Chronograph comes in two very distinct colors. The first is our black bi-level dial with orange accents and a brown band, great for those who want a 'get noticed' time piece. Then there is our more laid back stainless steel bi level dial on top of a black aluminum casing. Both have the same great features and good looks!


Tough and Durable

Our Calendar Chronograph does not waver in the durability department either. You can see the quality in the thick leather band, and feel the quality when you hold the watch. It's toughness also extends into the 10 ATM water resistance that it is equipped with, so you can take it out to the track and not worry about rain, or to the pool and dive in for those laps with confidence while wearing this watch. Complete with a Japan Quartz Movement, these watches are an amazing collection of durabilty and good looks!

Check out our Calendar Chronograph, today!

Want to see it in action?

Watch It HERE

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