The Dakota Heart Rate Monitor is one of Dakota's newest additions to the sports watch line. So as we step into the next era of tech digital watches, let us introduce you to one that will keep you on your toes, and your heart pumping!

Sporty Styling

With its sports specific design and bright colors the Dakota Heart Rate Monitor comes with easy read digits and anti-static and shock-resistant case that measures a midsize 42mm around. A soft waterproof rubber sports band which measures 18mm at it's widest point, and of course is 100m water resistant. It comes in two bright colors, bright yellow and bright orange! Pair that up with your favorite workout gear and you're ready to see the amazing features this watch has to help you with your calorie burn!

State-Of-The-Art Features

The Dakota Heart Rate Monitor measures your pulse and records your heart rate and lap record all with the touch of your fingers! By simply placing your index and middle finger tips at the 12:00 and 6:00 position, the finger-touch ECG measures your pulse. Then, save your recording in the lap-record after measuring. In exercise mode, it will measure the cumulative calorie consumption and fat burned during your workouts. You can tailor it to you by adding your personal information (gender, age, weight, height, target calorie consumption, resting heart rate and upper heart rate). A lot of info inside one watch! It's full of standart features as well including Dual Time, Moonglow E.L. light, stopwatch, countdown timer, hourly chime and lap memory!

Need we say more? Take Dakota on your next jog, or even just a walk around the block.

 Want to see it in action?

Watch it HERE